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Hello and welcome
to our brand new
design service
Pergola Planner™

For the first time in the UK you can now design, customise and interact with our CAD designers to develop your own bespoke pergola or arbour for your garden!

How it works

  • Upload your own drawings, sketches and pictures and let us do the design work
  • Using our existing materials (i.e. no curves or arches) we will create a structure that meets with your approval
  • If your design is not possible we will work with you to find a solution
  • Design cost of £90.00 - rebated back off final invoice if you decide to place the order
  • If you do not want to place an order, no problem, the drawings are yours to keep or take elsewhere for a quote
  • The CAD drawings will be sent to your email address and we will call you to discuss the design and give you a final delivered price

View examples of our bespoke pergolas and plans here

Before we get started - Please note that given the timber size we work with (38mm x 125mm) we cannot accept any single timber length over 2.7 mtrs as we do not want any flex over the span. For further information, please refer back to OUR main site and click on 'Pergola Information'



Please enter your preferred dimensions in meters and centimetres in the drop down boxes below:


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Please refer back to the main site if you require further information.

If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0844 800 4703 or email:

Using the button below - please upload from your computer any drawings, photographs, sketches of what you would like to see our designers try to emulate. Using our existing materials, we will endeavour to produce a set of drawings that meets your requirements. Please be aware that not ALL things are possible but we will certainly give you a product that will give you years of pleasure and will try our very best to get as close to your ideal as we can.

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Please describe in the following box any information that you think would be of help to our designers. For example, any boundaries, walls, fences, ground conditions or overhanging trees that may prove a hindrance to the structure once assembled:


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